In-house development and integration

CircleScope develops highly specialized AI-based detection, identification and tracking systems.
Our proprietary CircleScope Tracker Unit and software is developed by our in-house development team.

We keep total control of the heart of our system offerings.

We integrate a variety of ultra high performance multi-sensor camera systems and Doppler radars – bought from reliable and reputed specialist companies – to build our system offerings.
The ultra high definition cameras has long-range optical zoom capability and advanced active gyro-stabilization providing steady imaging even in rough sea conditions – allowing the cameras to monitor targets or hazards over long distances continuously.

On-site testing

All our systems are installed and tested on-site:

     – Scandinavia
     – Scotland
     – Germany
     – Netherlands
     – USA
     – Taiwan


CircleScope offers a full range of installation, training, upgrade and repair services.